Q:Is this tool free?

A: Absolutely F-R-E-E!

Q: How often does this get patched?

A: We patch the generator DAILY to ensure you get to enjoy the loopholes we discovered!

Q: I think this is risky. Will I get banned for doing this?

A: DEFINITELY NOT! We already have thousands of users enjoying from our tool and NOT A SINGLE ONE reported that they were banned. Don’t worry, it’s all safe with us!

Q: When I click Start, it asks me to complete a survey. What should I do? Is there something wrong?

A: That’s totally fine. It’s just a Human Verification System to protect us from bots spamming all over. You’ll get your Money and RP immediately after completion.

Q: Thank you!Your Money Generator totally kicks ass! You guys are so awesome!

A: Uhm, that’s not a question. But hey thanks! Enjoy your GTA 5 Online account on steroids!