Welcome to GTA 5 Online Money Generator where we show you tips and tricks on how to get rich (legitimately) in GTA V.

It does not matter if you’re playing on PC, PS3/4, or XBOX cause we got you covered no matter what platform you’re playing.

Tip # 1

The best way to make money in GTA V is to save it. Yes that is right!

People have a habit that as soon as they start playing, they are all over buying cars and clothes and stuff. Buy only what you need. This applies even to weapons. There is no need of having military class weapons and you’re doing simple missions, they’ll be time for that.

This is how saving helps. When you get to the part where Franklin has to do some assassinations for Lester, there are fluctuations in the stock market because you’ll be killing big wigs in the market. You can buy some stock before the killing or after the killing depending on the particular situation. You’ll make a lot of money after selling the stock but that depends on how much money you invested which will directly depend on how much money you had saved up. If you do this right, you can make up to around 2.1 billion us and then you can waste it all you want by buying clothes, tanks and property.